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billiards_8_in_the_side_8x10.jpg (199273 bytes)
Eight In The Side
Oil On Canvas 8x10

billiards_concentration_8x10.jpg (210761 bytes)
Oil On Canvas 8x10
billiards_this_two_more_to_the8_ball_9x12.jpg (208053 bytes)
Two More To The Eight Ball
Oil On Canvas 9x12
billiards_tournament_9x12.jpg (204979 bytes)
Oil On Canvas 9x12
close_shave_8x10.jpg (277062 bytes)
Close Shave
Oil On Canvas 8x10
slow_gin_fizz_8x6.jpg (351468 bytes)
Slow Gin Fizz
Oil On Canvas 8x6
bar_flower_oil_8x6.jpg (247886 bytes)
Bar Flower
Oil On Canvas 8x6

bartender_reach_oil_8x10.jpg (214974 bytes)
Oil On Canvas 8x10

contemplation_oil_8x10b.jpg (224646 bytes)
Oil On Canvas 8x10

Plaza Hotel Bar
Oil on canvas 11x14
barmaid_mixing_mojito_18x24rw.jpg (285123 bytes)
Haciendo Mojitos
Oil On Canvas 18x24
troubles_and_counsel_oil_11x14.jpg (213527 bytes)
Troubles And Counsel
Oil on canvas 11x14

smoking_at_fauve_bar_11x14_oil.jpg (175994 bytes)
Smoking At The Fauve Bistro
Oil On Canvas 11x14

listeners_at_the_bar_oil_14x18.jpg (278068 bytes)
Oil On Canvas 14x18

 listeners_at_the_bar_oil_18x24.jpg (104419 bytes)
Oil On Canvas 18x24
one_more_glass.jpg (304133 bytes)
One More Glass
Oil On Canvas 11x14
end_of_bar_refelction.jpg (290879 bytes)
End Of Bar Reflections
Oil On Canvas 11x14
early_start_at_cdp_oil_11x14.jpg (181452 bytes)
Early Start
Oil On Canvas 11x14

Oil On Panel 9x12

barmaid_check_glass_oil_18x24.jpg (319830 bytes)
Oil On Canvas 18x24
barber_shop_oil_11x14.jpg (174114 bytes)
Near Closing Time
Oil On Canvas 11x14
sketching_degas.jpg (207378 bytes)
Sketching Degas
Oil On Canvas 9x12
doris_at_maras.jpg (548437 bytes)
Oil on canvas 20x16
coat_check_12x16.jpg (172289 bytes)
Coat Check Attendant
Oil On Canvas 12x16

bartender_shaker_7x9_oil_study.jpg (155616 bytes)
Mixing Martinis
Oil on canvas 7x9
bartender_balancing_tabs_oil_op_18x14.jpg (139732 bytes)
Night's Earnings
Oil On Panel 18x14
bartender_pour_espresso_oil_6x8.jpg (192037 bytes)
Pouring Espresso
Oil on Canvas 6x8
j_L_conducting_oil_8x6.jpg (158437 bytes)
The Conducter
Oil On Canvas 8x6
guitar_player_8x6_oil.jpg (141374 bytes)
Playing For Pleasure Study
Oil On Canvas 8x6
guitar_player_16x20_oil_on_canvas.jpg (227950 bytes)
Playing For Pleasure
Oil On Linen 16x20

  a_fire_of_his_own_16x20.jpg (206716 bytes)
A Fire Of His Own
Oil On Canvas 16x20
clearing_ayers_knuth_farm_10x18_oil.jpg (293269 bytes)
Ayers Knuth Farm
Oil On Linen 10x18
landscape_oil_winter_sledders_dueling_elements.jpg (282959 bytes)
Elements At War
Oil On Canvas 20x28 
snow_sunset_jan_2010_6x8.jpg (307804 bytes)
On My Way Home
Oil on canvas 6x8
chudley_bridge.jpg (194605 bytes)
Chudley's Bridge
Oil On Canvas 10x8
top_me_off_oil_11x14.jpg (348478 bytes)
Top Me Off
Oil On Canvas 11x14
top_me_off_12x16_oil.jpg (167503 bytes)
Top Me Off
Oil On Canvas 12x16

moon_and_stars_16x12.jpg (160337 bytes)
Moons And Stars
Oil On Canvas 16x12
uncertain_weather_flemington_11x13half.jpg (214007 bytes)
Uncertain Weather In Flemington
Oil On Canvas 11x13 1/2
last_light_7x12.jpg (229202 bytes)
Last Light
Oil on canvas 7x12
pergola_early_morning_30x40.jpg (275946 bytes)
Early Morning Pergola
Oil On Canvas 30x40
at_the_edge_of_the_woods18x24.jpg (271603 bytes)
At The Edge Of The Woods
Oil On Canvas 18x24
morning_stroll_14x18.jpg (248797 bytes)
Morning Stroll
Oil On Canvas 14x18

sparta_sunflowers_18x24.jpg (269158 bytes)
Sparta Sunflower Farm
Oil On Canvas 18x24
pond_at_skylands_12x18.jpg (245380 bytes)
Skylands Pond
Oil on canvas 12x18
skylands_fountain_early_morning_30x24.jpg (225753 bytes)
Skylands Fountain Early Morning
Oil on canvas 30x24
storm_clearing_yardley_9x12.jpg (186013 bytes)
Storm Clearing In Yardley
Oil On Canvas 9x12 
sunset_in_parsippany_12x16.jpg (209445 bytes)
Sunset In Parsipany
Oil on Canvas 12x16
bartender_contemplation_oil_9x12.jpg (365850 bytes)
Oil On Canvas 9x12
maitre_d_oil_7x5.jpg (353131 bytes)
Maitre D
Oil On Canvas 7x5
stood_up_and_waiting_oil_16x12.jpg (329524 bytes)
Oil On Canvas 16x12

woman_texting_6x8_oil.jpg (381029 bytes)
Oil On Canvas 6x8
still_not_ready_to_rise_oil_16x20.jpg (624991 bytes)
Still Not Ready To Rise
Oil On Canvas 16x20
lisette_read_help_oil_9x12.jpg (382160 bytes)
Lisette Reading The Help
Oil On Canvas 9x12
catching_the_glimmer_oil_11x14.jpg (463077 bytes)
Catching The Glimmer
Oil On Canvas 11x14
  catching_the_glimmer_24x30.jpg (220286 bytes)
Catching The Glimmer
Oil on Canvas 24x30
jan_2010_oil_self_11x14.jpg (230234 bytes)
January Self Portrait
Oil On Canvas 11x14
self_dec_2010_16x20_oil.jpg (189269 bytes)
December Self Portrait
Oil On Canvas 16x20