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learning_from_father.jpg (281943 bytes)
Learning From Father
Oil On Canvas11x14
waiting_for_the_next_one.jpg (189729 bytes)
Waiting For The Next
Oil On Canvas 14x18
sandcastle_futility.jpg (359135 bytes)
Oil on Canvas 16x20

doris_at_maras.jpg (548437 bytes)
Oil on canvas 20x16
gala_prep_pma.jpg (293605 bytes)
Gala Preparations
Oil On Canvas 18x14

And One Dark For You
Oil On Canvas 9x7

Oil On Panel 14x18
maria_at_ecco_11x14_oil.jpg (216973 bytes)
Maria At Ecco Restaurant
Oil On Panel 11x14
man_smoke_fauve_bar_8x10_oil.jpg (168411 bytes)
Smoking At The Fauve Bar
Oil on canvas 8x10

field_in_branchberg.jpg (285653 bytes)
Field In Branchburg
Oil on canvas 14x20
ringwood_manor_trees.jpg (231956 bytes)
Trees And Field At Skylands
Oil on canvas 18x24
field_after_rain_s_jersey.jpg (258906 bytes)
Field After The Rain
Oil On Canvas 12x24
koi_pool_at_skylands_manor.jpg (294592 bytes)
Koi Pool At Skylands Manor
Oil on canvas 44x58
rockaway_river_lower_falls.jpg (262285 bytes)
Lower Falls: Rockaway River
Oil on canvas 18x30
sweet_rockets_along_the_path_skylands_manor.jpg (338030 bytes)
Sweet Rockets Along The Path
Oil on canvas 24x30

pond_at_ringwood_manor.jpg (308106 bytes)
Pond At Skylands Manor
Oil on canvas 30x40

koi_lilies_and_reeds_oil.jpg (272743 bytes)
Bog At Skylands Manor
Oil on canvas 16x20

pond_at_ringwood_manor_2.jpg (404020 bytes)
Bog At Skylands Manor
Oil on canvas 28x28

self_portrait_dec_15_09.jpg (185281 bytes)
December Self Portrait
Oil on canvas 11x14
self_portrait_11_09.jpg (261011 bytes)
November Self Portrait
Oil on canvas 11x14