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conversation_copy.jpg (2179 bytes)
The Conversation
Oil on panel 11x8
tomato_cellery.jpg (58601 bytes)
Meager Meal
Oil On Canvas 9 X 18 1998
mi_bandera.jpg (33359 bytes)
Mi Bandera
Oil on panel  13X16

Breakfast In Bed
Oil on canvas 31x34
chinese_checkers_and_cat_skull_85.jpg (114674 bytes)
Chinese Ceckers And Cat Skull
Oil on panel 8x10 1985
dutch_style_still_life_1983.jpg (69217 bytes)
Dutch Still Life
Oil on panel 1983
small_bu_still_life_83.jpg (108051 bytes)
Study For Kevin's Piece
Oil on canvas 1983
kevin_still_life_1983_32x42.jpg (124355 bytes)
Kevin's Piece
Oil on canvas 32x42 1983
hudsun_cnty_park1983.jpg (132489 bytes)
Hudson County Park
Oil on canvas 1983
jessica_1yrold_85_45x35.jpg (92100 bytes)
Oil on canvas 45x35 1985 N.F.S.
hoboken_83_wtrclr.jpg (163182 bytes)
Watercolor 1983
lauren_and_me_14x11_1988.jpg (98107 bytes)
Lauren And Me
Oil on panel 14x11 1988 N.F.S.
abuelito_8halfx10.jpg (139634 bytes)
Oil on panel 8 1/2 x 10 N.F.S.